Importance of Cow Ghee in Everyday Life

Importance of Cow Ghee in Everyday Life
Nov 2022

What Ayurveda say about cow ghee?
Ghee is a magical golden liquid which is formed by the milk of cows that have been grazed in healthy and natural environment. It is popularly known as " Ghrita" in Sanskrit which is prepared by constant heating of unsalted butter till it gets separated into three components that is fat and milk protein and sugar (lactose). In every Indian home ghee is mandatory to be present.
Ghee symbolizes " energy" or "prana" (universal life force). Satvik food is a symbol of harmony and peace in nature which enhances Agni (digestive fire), sharirik bala (physical strength), provides us healthy mind and longevity. Moreover, the word "Ghrita" refers to as a substance which shines, provides radiance to the body and mind.
Ghrita as a medicine:
Cow ghee has been a tremendous base for Ayurvedic formulations since it has ability deeper penetration into each and every cells and tissues of the body.
This is also called as clarified butter. It is an excellent Anupama (vehicle) for various Ayurvedic medicines. It facilitates proper absorption and digestion of therapeutic formulations.
It is helpful in enhancing the AGNI (digestive power) and aids in digestion and assimilation process.
Cow ghee is considered as Rasayana (rejuvenation) that provides good health, vitality and longitivity.
As the Cow ghee ages its effectiveness and healing properties enhances.
Goghrita is the best source to pacify vata dosha. It can be used internally and externally.
Consuming ghee regularly can facilitate the detoxification of Ama (toxins) out of the body through the gut.
Goghrita acts as fuel for dhi (intelligence), dhriti (acts with firmness), Smriti (memory) and buddhi (intellect).
Benefits of cow ghee:
Goghrita helps in magically repairing and rejuvenating lining of the stomach and ultimately aids the process of digestion by providing lubrication.
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Ghee is the best way to balance aggravated pitta dosha (hot factor ) inside the body. In normal physiology afternoon is the time when pitta dosha is at its peak, this is best suited time to take ghee and preferably cow ghee.
Aged cow ghee that is "Purana Ghrita"or "Mahaghrita" has been used in the curing various chronic diseases like neurological disorders, epilepsy and digestive disorders.
Cow ghee is effective remedy for healing wounds, bruises, bones and various skin problems like eczema, psoriasis etc
Ghee plays an important role in Panchakarma as Purva karma (pre therapy) as it is the first step to consume it daily in the morning time because it helps in dissolving Ama (toxins) present inside the body and enhance its elimination through the bowel.
Abhyanga (oleation therapy) allows the deeper penetration of ghee into the tissues of limbs, head, and joints and other parts of body which initiates the secretion of endorphins. Abhyanga leads to strengthening tof immune system anddelays the process of aging.
Aacharya Sushrut mentioned the benefits of cow ghee as conducive to rasa dhatu (essence of digested food), Sukra dhatu (semen), ojas (immunity). It has softening and cooling effect in the body. And it is beneficial for clarity of complexion and voice.
Cow ghee nasya: every putting 2-4 drops of warm cow ghee in the nostrils helps to combat allergic rhinitis, migraine, sinusitis, greying of hairs, brings better sleep, calms mind, increase intelligence.
Ghee Vasti (enema): Ghee enema is used to strengthen bones, balance excessive vata inside the body, useful in skin disorders.
Ghee for fever: cow ghee improves the burning sensation that happens after fever but it is only to be used only after the fever is completely cured (probably after 10 days) to regain immunity and strength.
As per Ashtanghridyam ghee is advised for new borne and lactating mother. It adds nourishment and fortifies the breast milk.
Tarpan for eye: In various eye disorders like dry eye, retro orbital pain, watery eye etc ghee is use as tarpan to strengthen it. Ghee used is simply cow ghee or else it is fortified with herbs like amla, triphla etc to get maximum benefits.
Shatdhauta grita: As special procedure in which cow ghee is washed 100 times. Shaudhaut ghrita is having medicinal properties is beneficial for pregnant women, wounds and burns, reduce heat an d calms pitta.it is an excellent moisturizer.
It strengthens the memory, wisdom, nourishment and add luster to body.
For spiritual purpose ghee is used in fumigation with other useful herbs.
Oil pulling (kaval/ gandhoosh): Gargling with cow ghee helps to heal oral ulcers, relieve burning sensation, indicated in pitta balance.
Contraindications of Ghee:
Ama (indigestion or toxins)
Ongoing Fever
Jaundice (kamla)
Pregnant women suffering from cold